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How to Edit: Checklists and Guidance for Fiction Writers by Janalyn Voigt
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Making Time to Write

Not-enough-time-to-write syndrome besets an author with little provocation. Life intrudes in the most annoying ways. Phone calls, half-forgotten appointments, the irritating rumble of stomachs waiting on you to be fed, and a miscellany of other distractions gang and gleefully (it seems) push your writing work-in-progress aside. Needing to meet deadlines doesn’t change this fact of the writing life. (More’s the pity.)  Making time to write is a challenge for even the most experienced of writers. Continue Reading>>

11 Compelling Reasons Every Author Should Read

Between writing books, figuring out how to promote them, and engaging  an audience, being a writer is downright time-consuming. It’s tempting to shove everything aside but writing. Reading should come with the territory for a writer. Correct?  And yet, we are as busy, maybe busier, than most people. Something has to give, and that’s usually the time we spend on our time-pressed selves. What’s wrong with this picture? Continue Reading>>

Why You Need a Written Story Timeline

Help! This Is not something a writer ever wants to read in a comment from an editor. After undergoing my publishers’ edits for seven books, I’ve learned to adapt. If overuse of a particular word will create angst, I recast phrasing or substitute synonyms. Knowing I’ll get dinged for overly-long sentences causes me to tighten them one more time before submitting. If I notice a murky reference, I’ll insert more information before my editor has to ask. Continue Reading>>

Should You Finish Your Book Series Before Publishing or Submitting it?

The wheels of publishing turn slowly, which forces a writer out of self-defense to learn patience. Some of us are better at this than others. I’ll be the first to admit that I fall in the latter category. And yet, I’m planning to write the books in my future series before submitting or publishing any of them. I explain why at the end of this article, but first let’s take a look at a way of organizing yourself to write that you may not have thought of before. Whether it’s a good approach for you depends on a number of factors. Continue Reading>>

Is Your Author Website’s About Page Drop-Dead Boring?

For such creative people, writers are responsible for some of the most snore-worthy content on the internet. I’m talking of About pages. Why do we authors feel the need to cram these unsuspecting pages (and our hapless visitors’ heads) with bland facts that have the character of library paste? Failing to optimize the About page at your author website is a mistake, but producing one so boring no one will read it elevates error into senselessness. Continue Reading>>

Make an Engaging Home Page at Your Author Website

Less than five seconds—that’s how much time it takes visitors to decide whether to stay at your website. Once they leave, which happens for a number of reasons, they often won’t return. With this in mind, engaging visitors from the start is the most important thing you can do at your website. Today in the “Create an Amazing Website” blog series we’ll focus on your home page, which is where most of your visitors will land. Continue Reading>>

Should an Author Have Multiple Websites?

A while ago, I decided to create a separate-but-connected website at my author URL for each of the three genres I write. (Stop crossing your eyes. I won’t get any more technical than this.) Carried away by my enthusiam, I didn’t stop to wonder if I could keep up with multiple websites. It would be cool, I decided. The main site would act as a satellite hub, sending out visitors to the genre websites in a grand adventure.   Continue Reading>>

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