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From Janalyn


2 thoughts on “Best Way to Increase Writing Productivity”

  1. Hi, Gippy! You are keeping busy. I suggest counting the cost for everything that takes you away from actually writing. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes not. Only you can make those calls. Also, consider whether any fears hold you back. Just in case, here’s a post to read:

  2. Great article! My problem is ‘time’. I’m retired, but type A personality. I have to be working and achieving all the time, while my characters are all jumping around in the head trying to get out into the great plot I created. Back in college for a degree in Criminal Justice so I have accurate information for my books, promoting a book and writing a sequel. Along with that comes a new grandbaby living with her mom, sister and me–and who can resist a new baby? So, I’m a bit overwhelmed. So, thank you for any and all great advice you pass along. I look forward to your blogs. Best, Gippy

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