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Why Books Have Margins (And So Should You)

Ever visit a website where text, pictures, scrolling “thingees” and flashing gizmos cram every available space? A video auto-plays, and the sudden sound coming from your computer makes you start. Pop-ups lie in wait, ready to disrupt you when you’ve barely started reading. Nine-to-one, you backed right on out of there. New website owners often make the mistake of overwhelming their visitors. What if book publishers published books without margins? Continue Reading>>

How to Manage Your Writing (Get Your Ducks in a Row)

Does trying to decide how long a book will take to write feel like shooting in the dark? Learning how to manage your writing time is vital, especially when you are dealing with traditional contracts (although it’s important for Indies, also), because how long you will need to write your book is the first question agents, editors, or potential box-set partners will want to ask you. How can you be expected to put a time frame on art? Continue Reading>>

Defining Writing Success

Defining Writing Success

Let's face it, being a writer is tough.  The stereotypical image of a writer on a tour paid for by the publisher and signing books for long lines of people just doesn't happen that often anymore.  Extremely successful writers can still draw favor, but book signings are less frequented than they once were. Continue Reading ››