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Author Privacy — How Much Should You Share with Readers?

Authors used to be able to hide behind a pleasant air of mystery, but that won’t get most writers very far with readers nowadays. They want to know your true self, not a persona. In today’s busy world, we ask a lot of our fans. We want their time to interact online, read our books, and help promote us. Are details of your personal life too much for readers to ask? Maybe, and maybe not. Continue Reading>>

When You Want to Quit Writing

You thought your writing life would turn out differently. No one believes in you as a writer. Even your family discourages you from reaching “too high.” You’re stressed about money, time conflicts, or both. Paying for memberships, workshops, conferences, and advertisements has you tapped out. Platform building takes more time than you thought. You hate marketing. The sheer number of books in print intimidates you. Your book isn’t selling. The publisher you most wanted to sign with ignores your submission. A contract falls through. Your agent stops replying to emails. No one shows up to your author Q&A. Amazon’s rankings bury your book. Writing isn’t fun anymore.  Continue Reading>>

What Do You Believe About Your Writing Success?

When walking through a library or bookstore, have all the titles by other authors ever intimidated you? Visiting an online bookstore like Amazon only magnifies this reaction, since these sites have the virtual space to stock even more books. Or maybe you know someone who has attained everything you want as a writer without raising a sweat. By contrast, finding your own place in the crowded publishing marketplace seems difficult, if not downright impossible. Going beyond that and envisioning your writing success can stretch your imagination to the breaking point. Continue Reading>>

Do You Suffer From Impostor Syndrome?

Ever feel like a fraud as a writer? Who are you, anyway, to think readers will want your books, much less flock to them?  Success happens to someone else. You’re surprised and faintly embarrassed when fame even faintly knocks on your door. You avoid book signings and other events that put you in contact with readers. Hiding out ensures that no one will know you are really just fooling everyone.  Sound familiar? Welcome to the club. This is Impostor Syndrome Anonymous, and we’re here to help.  Continue Reading>>