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Writing questions answered by novelist Janalyn Voigt.

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Should You Have a Writing Career or Writing Hobby?

Writing Questions Answered: Should You Have a Writing Career or Writing Hobby?

This is a tough question every writer must answer, sometimes more than once in  lifetime.

Having a Writing Career

In the face of today's publishing climate, it's easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged, especially in the beginning of a writing career, and give up your dream. [contextly_sidebar … Continue Reading ››

What Has Improved My Writing the Most?

Your Writing Questions Answered

Writing Question of the Week

What has improved your writing the most?

Answer from Janalyn Voigt

In a word, time. There's no substitute for the intuitive learning that came as I wrote and rewrote, gave and received critiques, and read well-written books. That happened as I worked over time toward becoming a better writer. I also studied the … Continue Reading ››