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Write More Books Faster with Dictation

With National Novel Writing Month (also known as Nanowrimo or simply Nano) upon us, I’ve decided to unveil the writing productivity technique most responsible for helping write two novel-length books (about 125,000 good words) over the short summer months. After landing myself in that fix, I recovered from banging my head on the keyboard and set myself to explore ways to write faster. Continue Reading>>

Write Better Faster. 10 Go-To Resources

Ever been writing along, immersed in your story world, only to come up short of a name for a new character? You have trouble nailing down a character profile, trip over a grammar landmine, or can’t stop using the same favorite words, over and over again. Your story grinds to a halt while you search for a map you filed somewhere…. All of these things can slow down a writing session and make it difficult to refocus. Minimize these distractions with the following resources to help you write better faster. Continue Reading>>