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5 Common Writing Rules to Ignore

You don’t know what you don’t know, but a good editor will teach you. That’s why I’m the first to recommend letting one save you from yourself. The topic of edits is much on my mind lately. One of the challenges of having two publishers is back-to-back edits on multiple book projects. That’s been my situation since January. I’m probably feeling a little rebellious after all that toeing the line, hence this article. Continue Reading>>

Missing Dialogue Dysfunction (Top 10 Dialogue-Writing Mistakes)

#10 Missing Dialogue Dysfunction

Ever read a well-plotted book with engaging characters and exquisite execution that just couldn't grab you?  Something was missing that you couldn't quite identify. This frustrating scenario happens for a number of reasons, not all of them in the author's control. For our purposes here, we'll focus on one common dialogue-writing mistake … Continue Reading ››

Talking Heads (Top 10 Dialogue Writing Mistakes)

#7 Talking Heads Syndrome

Ever read dialogue that made you feel like you’d just cast off in a rudderless boat? The scene seemed interesting, but you just couldn’t get a grappling hook into it. The viewpoint wasn’t clear, and you lost track of who was saying what and weren’t exactly sure where the characters even were, let alone what they were doing. This sounds like a case of the dreaded talking heads syndrome. The writer failed to set the scene in time and space or to give you enough identifying information to navigate the conversation.The result of these kinds of omissions is always a confused reader. Continue Reading>>