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Out-of-Character Dialogue (Top Ten Dialogue Writing Mistakes)

#3 Out of Character Dialogue

I just can't help myself. An interesting individual who crosses my path is going to get the once-over. I try not to intrude as I study the mannerisms, expressions, and speech rhythms of complete strangers. Any idiosyncrasy makes its way into my mental filing cabinet labeled 'creating characters.' Sound familiar? If you are … Continue Reading ››

Overusing Beats (Top 10 Dialogue Writing Mistakes)

#2 Overusing Beats in Dialogue

Discovering beats, an alternative to dialogue tags that helps build your story world can be empowering. The temptation, of course, is to salt your dialogue with beats. Characters no longer stand idle.  Oh, no. They smile, laugh, frown, scowl, nod, kick, touch, look, glance, eye, wonder, ponder, remember, and think with wild abandon. It’s enough to wear out a self-respecting character, not to mention any hapless reader who might wander into such a hyperactive story world. Continue Reading>>