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Live Write Breathe mentor Janalyn Voigt in her closet writing office
Live Write Breathe mentor Janalyn Voigt in her closet writing office

I hope you are up for a challenge.

If you’re looking for a safe career, don’t even think about becoming a writer. Lots of occupations have higher success ratios. If that information can discourage you, it should. Only those with fire in their veins have what it takes to succeed as a writer. If you qualify, stick around and I’ll do my best to guide you into the writing world of your dreams.

I’m Janalyn Voigt, an author, speaker, and writing mentor. Learn more about me at the Creative Worlds of Janalyn Voigt website. It’s my personal mission to teach writers how to create the writing life of their dreams, write with skill and artistry, and manage that most precious of commodities: time.

Live, Write, Breathe

I’ve built this website around three core principles. The tagline says it all: live with passion, write well, and remember to breathe. Sometimes we writers can get that turned around. Passion belongs first in living, and then it will breathe into our manuscripts in beautiful expressions of creativity. But we can’t give and give without feeding our souls or writing will suck us dry.

I really want to help with this. I’ll share from my experiences as a professional author, share the many lessons I’ve learned  from working with my publisher on my own manuscripts, and provide insights as the leader of a writing retreat group on how to find and take time to feed your creativity.

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