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Managing the Writing Life: Shutting Out the Noise

 Writing Life Management: Shutting Out the Noise by @JanalynVoigt

It’s difficult, if not downright impossible, to keep on top of all the information and conversations directed to me in this social networking world. Just opening my email splits my focus in a variety of ways, if I let it.

Ah, there’s the key. It might feel comforting to step into a victim’s role, but the truth is, while I can’t completely control my environment, I am in charge of my response to it. In other words, if all those virtual people talking at once in my office deafen me, I have only to shut the unwelcome guests into their own “rooms” (files), where they will abide in contentment until I remember them.

Social networking can splinter my attention, too. That is, if I let it. No one can possibly keep up with every opportunity for networking nowadays. Accepting my limitations frees me to do what I can in the time I have. When it comes right down to it, that’s all any of us can do.

Writing-related tasks can overwhelm me, if allowed, but focusing on them one at a time helps me achieve more and stress less. Having a schedule helps me silence the voices of the other tasks when they clamor like children for my attention. Their turn will come, but not before its time.

Shutting out the noise helps me think, create and breathe. It helps me find the time I need to simply be.

Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

© Janalyn Voigt
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I’m Janalyn Voigt, an author, speaker, and former social media mentor. DawnSinger and Wayfarer, the first two books in my epic fantasy series, Tales of Faeraven, released with Pelican Book Group and will be followed by at least two more installments. I’m also working on a romantic suspense novel set in an Irish castle, but then historical fiction has a grip on me too. Being unabashedly multi-genre makes me into what some might term a reluctant rebel, but I prefer to think of myself as a storyteller.

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