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How to Edit: Checklists and Guidance for Fiction Writers by Janalyn Voigt
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Writing a Novel in Scenes

Simply stating the events that transpire throughout a manuscript does not a story make.  Substituting narrative summary for a scene is a common writing error.  This writing mistake is surprisingly easy to make. A vivid imagination can be both a blessing and curse. Have you ever filled out a scene in your mind only to field a slew of questions from critique partners who can’t picture it? Continue Reading>>

Set a Winning Story Tone

What would The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien be without an oppressive aura, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum sans its yearning pathos, and Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist with no melancholy? A novel’s story tone can make or break it’s emotional appeal for readers. Given that most readers say they read for the way stories make them feel, it behooves an author to set a story tone that will inspire the right mood. Continue Reading>>

Story Tone and Mood — What Are They?

Every novel projects the opinions of its author while creating a certain atmosphere for readers. These elements are known as the story tone and mood. While both reinforce the main story theme, they are two different things. Their interrelated nature can make telling them apart confusing, but it’s not difficult once you understand them.  Knowing how to use story tone and mood is an important skill that contributes to a mastery of plot structure. Continue Reading>>

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