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Surviving Information Overload by Kevin A. Miller

Surviving Information Overload

Surviving Information Overload by Kevin A. Miller addresses time stress from a fresh perspective. Written by a pastor who runs his own corporation, this book helps anyone overwhelmed by too much information overcome by means of simple (and ingenuous) strategies.

The author  shows a clear understanding of the problems of living in the age of too much information. This book is not specifically targeted to writers, however since Miller is himself a writer, many of his examples do apply. His advice can help with managing a writing business, increasing productivity, and dealing with other difficulties of living a writing life.

Surviving Information Overload by Kevin A. Miller is quick and easy to read. Chapters are short and to the point, in keeping with the subject of the book. Questions to apply and quotes to take with you at the end of each chapter, plus forms to copy and adapt make this book a go-to resource.

Miller succinctly outlines the problem of information overload, and then helps the reader develop a customized plan of attack.  His writing style is casual and fun, making reading this book enjoyable.

I benefited most from chapters teaching how to conduct an information audit, handle email, find what you need online, organize your files, and tap the power of block days.

Many of the techniques Miller presents in Surviving Information Overload are truly original and can only be called inspired.

I read the book in its entirety to start with and am about to go back through more slowly, reviewing the questions to apply and quotes to take with you and using them to improve my own situation.  Another way to use this book, and one that the author suggests, is to read and apply the chapters one at time, while skipping those you may not need.

As you can probably tell, I’m enthusiastic about this book. However, it is a little heavy on advice for configuring Outlook, Microsoft’s email management system, which isn’t so helpful if you don’t use Outlook. To be fair, it would be difficult and beyond the scope of the book to include instructions for all the various email systems available. Miller does give concepts along with the blow-by-blow instructions, so you should be able to sort out how to set up his techniques on other systems.

I highly recommend Surviving Information Overload by Kevin A. Miller. If you are overwhelmed by too much information, this book can help you figure out how to manage the information that comes under your radar while lowering your stress level and making time for the most important things in life. In fact, the advice in this book might just be life-changing for you.

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