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Tools to Make the Writing Life Easier: Gmail

Tools to make the writing life easier: GMAIL via @janalynvoigtGoogle’s gmail is an author-friendly tool I’m happy to have discovered. In this post I list some of its best capabilities.

  • Emails organized into threads help you better follow a conversation.
  • Filters that can pre-label, automatically trash, and send specific incoming emails to another email address.
  • Gmail+ method helps you or others pre-label emails. An example: lets say you have “Education” as a label and want to email an interesting post from a website to yourself. In the “To:” field of the website form, you would type, and the email will show up in the Education folder as well as your Inbox.
  • Archive without deleting emails. Once archived, emails are out of your inbox but available in a search.
  • The multi-labeling ability means you can find an email in more than one folder.
  • Nesting labels helps you manage them.
  • Color-coordinated labels makes them easier to group.
  • Canned response capability saves time when you find yourself sending the same information over and over again.
  • Gadgets let you customize your gmail account.
  • The Tasks application helps you stay organized and will even import emails directly.
  • Google Calendar access tab. I find this calendar system an awesome help. I feed multiple calendars to my website to help others find me online.
  • Google Reader access tab.  A feed reader accessable in one click from my email account is a tremendous benefit. UPDATE: Google Reader has been replaced with Feedly.
  • Google Documents access tab. I use this feature to get files off my local computer. It’s possible to share files through Google Documents.
  • The Pictures tab accesses my Picasa Web Albums.

Which of these features sounds interesting to you?

Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

© Janalyn Voigt
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  1. One minor point, Google Reader has gone bye-bye. It has been replaced by another service called Feedly.

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