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Sooner or later most writers stub their proverbial toes on what can seem an overwhelming obstacle: the need for graphic design. Some writers blanch and take the easy way out by having someone else create their website banners, stationery and business cards. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, but writers don’t usually lack the creative ability to make these items for themselves. What they lack is technical know-how and time. After I downloaded a free trial of Adobe Photoshop, I realized there would be quite a learning curve to effectively use it. My schedule was too crowded at the time for that to be feasible. Also, the cheapest version I could find cost several hundred dollars, more than I wanted to invest.

I jumped at the chance to review My Memories scrapbooking software, hoping it would bridge the technological gap and also produce acceptable graphics. While I received my copy of this software free for purposes of review, at this posting My Memories Suite costs just $39.97. I found this software user-friendly, even dead-easy to use. But could scrapbooking software really produce the quality I needed? Judge for yourself. Here’s an example of a previous banner I designed for this website with this software.   I also created Christmas stationery to give away as a thank you to followers of the author site for Janalyn Voigt. Christmas stationery example       I also used it to design bookmarks for DawnSinger, book one of my epic fantasy trilogy, Tales of Faeraven. DawnSinger Bookmark DawnSinger Bookmark side 2 My Memories Suite is not as powerful as Photoshop but works well for basic needs or for an introduction to graphic design. Trading Photoshop’s more advanced functions for a savings in time and money makes sense for me at the moment. While it’s possible to make a book cover using this software, if your goal is to self-publish on a regular basis, investing the time and money in Photoshop or another program with advanced capabilities is probably your best bet. If you only want to make simple and pleasing graphic designs for a variety of purposes, My Memories Suite might be for you.

Disclosure: I am a My Memories Affiliate because I believe in and personally use this product.

© Janalyn Voigt

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Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

© Janalyn Voigt
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I’m Janalyn Voigt, an author, speaker, and former social media mentor. DawnSinger and Wayfarer, the first two books in my epic fantasy series, Tales of Faeraven, released with Pelican Book Group and will be followed by at least two more installments. I’m also working on a romantic suspense novel set in an Irish castle, but then historical fiction has a grip on me too. Being unabashedly multi-genre makes me into what some might term a reluctant rebel, but I prefer to think of myself as a storyteller.

4 thoughts on “User-Friendly Graphic Design Software For Writers!”

  1. I agree,this is a GREAT program. Even though I design digital scrapbook downloads for a living using Photoshop, I do my scrapbooking in My Memories suite because it is so easy to use. I especially like being able to have all the pages in a large project open at once. I am working on 2 photobook projects right now (90th Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Cruise) and this software makes it a snap to work with 20 pages ++.

    Have a great day.

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