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Tiny Island Off Eastsound

Visual Writing Prompts: Lonely Island

Visual Writing Prompts: Lonely Island
Visual Writing Prompts: Lonely Island
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This is a lonely island in an evergreen setting. Notice the loon in the foreground. To get a feel for this location, watch this video. 

Visual Writing Prompts: Lonely Island Creativity Exercise

Now replay the video and listen to its sounds while looking at the image. Let your imagination roam.

Bring the setting alive in your mind. Can you smell evergreens and the scent of sea water? What does the air feel like against your cheek? 

Does the image suggest a theme to you? Or perhaps you see a character in your mind’s eye. Does a title suggest itself to you? There’s no right or wrong way to grab hold of a story, so don’t try to second guess your approach. Breathe. Let the story come to you.

What happens on this lonely island, in the water surrounding it, or in the place where the observer is standing? Who triggers these events, and why? Who is effected? How does that person (or persons) react?

What time of day is it? Morning? Midday? Evening? Night? Are you in summer, winter, spring, or fall?

Is the weather clear and cold, too hot, slightly misty, or perfect?

Where is your island located? Are you in the United States, Scotland, or somewhere else? Is the island earthbound, floating or disappearing? Does someone own this island or is it wild?

How deep is the water? Does it receded as the tide lets out to bare mudflats or reveal a causeway?

What is the island’s history? Has anyone ever been stranded on it or murdered there? Slept in the shadow of the tall evergreen that rises above it? Could smugglers have buried something beneath that evergreen? Have star-crossed lovers met here?

Without editing yourself, free write for at least five minutes. Either keep going to create the first draft of a story or use what you’ve written during this exercise in a story scene or to plot a story.

Visual Writing Prompt Lonely Island via @JanalynVoigt | Live Write BreatheVisual Writing Prompts created from the original photography of Janalyn Voigt

Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

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