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Writing Life: Don’t Let the Internet Eat You Alive

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There’s a beasty that never rests but waits to pounce on you at all hours of the night and day. This man- (and woman-) eater has a taste for flesh and will show no mercy as it rends its victims’ lives with disfiguring claw marks. The Internet can eat you whole if given half a chance.

Don’t give it that chance. Here are my 5 tips for taming the marauding beasty called the Internet:

  1. Develop a strategy. Draw up a written plan you place somewhere where you can refer to it often. Name your specific purposes for your involvement with the Internet. Define realistic goals so you won’t get sidetracked and walk into an ambush.
  2. Isolate it. Don’t sign up for every news letter you see or before you know it you’ll waste hours each day deleting emails. Don’t join a forum or other group until you’ve first counted the cost in terms of the time it will cost you.
  3. Back it into a corner. For many nowadays, myself included, ignoring the Internet altogether isn’t an option. But you can control where and when you turn on and tune in. Confine your Internet time within set time parameters, and then stick to them. Some people go so far as to set an alarm clock to help guide them.
  4. Lasso it. Make sure you have a grasp on what you need from your involvement with the Internet. If you don’t know what you’re doing when you put a rope around its neck, most beasties will either get away or come for you.
  5. Banish it to darkness. Author Jeff Vandermeer describes in BOOKLIFE how he actually had his wife hide the modem in a different place each morning. Only when he’d finished writing for the day  he call her and find out that day’s location. Do whatever it takes.

Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

© Janalyn Voigt
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I’m Janalyn Voigt, an author, speaker, and former social media mentor. DawnSinger and Wayfarer, the first two books in my epic fantasy series, Tales of Faeraven, released with Pelican Book Group and will be followed by at least two more installments. I’m also working on a romantic suspense novel set in an Irish castle, but then historical fiction has a grip on me too. Being unabashedly multi-genre makes me into what some might term a reluctant rebel, but I prefer to think of myself as a storyteller.

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